10 Reasons why you should do an exchange semester in your 20ies: 

1. This is the youngest you will ever be.

You are just getting older and, as everybody knows, with age you get more and more responsibilities. You will never have fewer responsibilities in your life than right now. So take the opportunity to go abroad and enjoy every moment before life will get real.

2. It will change you in a better way.

Even if you don´t believe it right now, this exchange semester will change you more than you could ever imagine. Maybe you won´t notice it first but as soon as you are back home you will realise that you are different. However, don´t be afraid, I can promise you that it will change you for better. Which brings me to the next point.

3. You will see the world in a different way.

For sure, you will see the world in a different way after your exchange semester. Because of all your experiences you will make and people you will meet along the way, your picture of the world will change completely.

4. You will experience so many funny stories.

You will experience so many different and funny stories that nobody will believe you at home. I guess you will tell your grandchildren about all the stories you’ve made on your exchange semester.

5. Meet inspiring people

You think you have the coolest and best friends at home and you are not going to meet people who are better than they are? Believe me there are so many inspiring souls in this world. Even if no one can replace your best friends, I promise you will meet great people and learn so much of them.

6. It will be the best time in your life.

Since you are escaping your daily routine and just create unique memories you will have the best months or even year in your life. You will always remember it and you will wish you could go back to that time.

7. You have to step out of your comfort zone.

The whole process of doing an exchange semester is stepping out of your comfort zone and getting more open. It feels like you would start your life completely anew. You know nobody and have to find new friends, speak a new language, get to know a new city and many more things. Nothing will be the same as home, that’s why there is no other way than stepping out of your comfort zone and get more open to your new surroundings.

8. Good for your CV.

It makes an extra impression when you put an exchange experience in your CV. With this extra experience, your future employer knows that you can step out of your comfort zone and that you are open to get to know new people and that you are able to speak another language.

9. You will find lifelong friends everywhere in the world.

You will make new friends from all over the world. You will get to know so many different cultures, traditions and habits. When you are travelling around the world, you can visit your international friends and stay with them. Even more important some of them will stay lifelong friends.

10. Improve your language skills.

Living in a new country also means speaking with the local people or with the exchange students that equals a lot of practice in speaking foreign languages. Believe me it’s easier to improve your language skills if you really have to speak it all the time and you actually have no opportunity to speak your mother tongue.

Probably I could tell you many more reasons why you should do an exchange semester but I think just with this 10 reasons you know what the right decision is. So see you soon in Madrid.

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