7 tips before arriving to your second home

We are pretty sure that you are a little bit nervous about moving to another country. To calm you down a little bit we wrote this blog post.

With this blog post, we want to give you some advice to be perfectly prepared for the next chapter of your life.

  • Prepare a list before packing your suitcase

To get a better overview of what you should pack and how much you should pack, we would recommend you to prepare a detailed list. This list should include all your clothes, cosmetics, documents, technologies and everything you need for your exchange semester. While packing you can tick off the things that you already put into your suitcase so you know what´s in there.

Don´t forget to pack a diary and a camera!!!

  • Check your passport and VISA

Check the expiry date of your passport! Is your passport still valid when your exchange semester ends? Do you need an extra Visa or is the one you have enough? You should check all this points to avoid surprises.

  • Check your health insurance

A crucial point when it comes to living in another country is the health insurance. Get informed if your health insurance or your university documents cover the insurance abroad. If not, get an extra health insurance because if something happens (let´s cross the fingers that nothing will happen) it can get expensive.

  • Copy all important documents

In case you lose your passport or any important document always carry a copy with you it may help you. We would recommend you to copy your passport, VISA, health insurance, University documents or any other document that is important for your stay in a foreign country.

  • Get in contact with people before arriving

Thanks to social media, it is easy to get to know people in advance. Join different Facebook groups, write with your future flatmates and find friends. This will make it smooth to have friends when you just arrived.

  • Figure out how you will deal with money abroad

Depending on how long you will stay abroad, you should think about opening a bank account in your future country. Or even better create an online bank account, which you can use always and forever.

  • Get informed about your destination

Read about the culture, unique sights, customs and all you want to know about your chosen destination. It is good to know some facts beforehand.

With this 7 tips you will be perfectly prepared. See you soon in Madrid.

Your Smart Insiders Team