The Colosseum

The Colosseum is the most visited attraction in Rome. This historical monument is where gladiators used to battle each other in the Roman days. The Colosseum is a large arena that used to hold 65,000 spectators to see the battles. During your visit you can see the arena, the stands and underground. This place is always pretty busy, so try and book your tickets in advance to avoid waiting in lines. 

Trevi Fountain

The most famous fountain in Italy, and possibly even the world is the Trevi Fountain. Located in Piazza de Trevi, your Rome trip won’t be complete without stopping by to see it. Just as seen in all the movies, have a coin in hand and a wish ready! If there are any places where your wishes will come true, Rome is where it is at.


The Pantheon can be a more quick spot to stop on the way to somewhere else while visiting Rome. It is still beautifully maintained from Roman times and has amazing architecture. It is free to visit, so no need to get a ticket!

Vatican Museums

Interiors of Vatican museum

The Vatican Museums is one of the largest museums in the world, consisting of 54 galleries and 20,000 displays of art. It is one the most important art collections in the world. Within the Vatican museums is the famous Sistine Chapel, known for its Renaissance art and more specifically the beautifully painted ceiling by Michelangelo. 

It is open everyday except Sundays. This Museum attracts over 5 million visitors a year, so make sure to book a ticket in advance to get ahead of the lines and the most out of your day. 

Piazza Navona

Navona square,  Rome, Italy

Equipt with plenty of marvelous fountains, street performers, cafe’s and terraces, Piazza Novon is a great square to visit. This Piazza has a unique elongated shape, which was originally built for athletic competitions. Head here for a lively environment and a different feel for the squares of Rome.

Villa Borghese

Tempio di esculapio

This park is going to be the largest in Rome. It is most known for the beauty of its gardens. However, it also has many historic buildings, museums, a lake and fountains that fully make it up. This park is free to visit and wander around. There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy a snack and talk with friends. Highly recommend to break up a busy day of travel!


Cozy old street in Trastevere in Rome, Italy

Taking a step out of the busy and momentous city of Rome and into Trastevere. This neighborhood is quite charming and wonderful to take a stroll through. With its cobbled streets and delicious restaurants, you will be sure to enjoy a relaxing walk through these streets. Note, this is also a fun neighborhood at night to go get drinks and some food with friends!

Spanish Steps

Consisting of 135 steps, the Spanish steps lead you from Piazza Spagna to Piazza Trinitá dei Monti. The best way to enjoy the stairs is to grab some gelato and sit down and relax. While you are there grab some fun pics while you are at it. If you climb to the top you will be rewarded with a great view of Rome!

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