How to get an abono transporte in Madrid.


First of all, are you wondering how to get around the Community of Madrid? Because if so, Smart Insiders is here to give tips on securing an abono transporte. Also, there is a lot to consider before you go and buy an abono. Most noteworthy examples are the zone of your school or work, how old you are, and how many methods of transportation you take during your commute. Maybe it seems confusing at the beginning, but after reading we hope to have all your questions answered and riding around the city with ease.

Step 1: Finding your zone.


First of all, the map is divided into¬†6 zones.¬†If you already know your zone, just click the desired option above. If you‚Äôre not sure where you are on the map, this¬†website¬†will show you which zone you fall into. All you have to do is click and scroll until you find the desired district. Next, click ‚Äúsearch‚ÄĚ where the page will reload and show you available transportation lines.

Step 2: Deciding which contactless card is right for you. 


Because the abono transporte is a monthly transportation pass you can buy any day of the month. This card is rechargeable every 30 days and you are able to use it on the metro, commuter train (Cercanías), or bus. There are even more options available and we’ve listed them below so you can see which card is best for you.

What is a contactless card?

Similarly, a contactless card is plastic and similar to a credit card. On the back there is a magnetic strip that stores data information (validity, expiration, number of trips, etc…) on a centralized server. This is different than the one-ride paper tickets that are available for purchase. While the plastic card does not store tickets in its memory it’s important to note you have to put money on the card to access transportation. The card itself costs 4 euros if you do the monthly abono (+ your monthly zone cost) and 2,50 euros if you take the Multi Card (+ the cost of the ticket you choose).


Multi Card (Contactless)



The Multi Card lives up to it’s name for the fact that with this card multiple people are allowed to use it. By that we mean friends, roommates, family members, etc.. This is a reloadable public transport card which is valid for ten years, and can be used in conjunction with different types of tickets.

IMPORTANT: To benefit from the discounts for large families or people with a recognized level of disability equal to or greater than 65% the user must have a Personal Public Transport Card (TTP).

Personal Card TTP (Contactless)

metro card


This is a personal, non-transferable card which expires 10 years after its issue date. With this card you can load both personal and non-personal transport tickets. Your name, photo, and the card identification number are all located on the back.

IMPORTANT: Large families and people with disabilities of 65% or more can receive a series of discounts on the tickets loaded onto the card. Also, beneficiaries of the Employment Activation Program receive a discount on the purchase of a 30-Day Season Ticket.

REMEMBER if you choose a personalized card you will need both for your appointment:

  • A passport size photo.
  • Copy of passport picture page.

Blue Medical Card (Contactless)

This transport card is similar in features to the Personal Public Transport Card which can only be used with the ticket type of the same name. This card is for citizens who are registered residents of Madrid and meet certain age, disability requirements, and also have limited resources.

Step 3: Wait! How old are you? 


Depending on how old you are there are two different abono options available. For the reason that there is a card for 25 years and older and a card for 25 years and younger. Because of this, we’ve listed below the difference in zones.

  • Zone A:¬†Unlimited travel through Zone A
  • Zone B1:¬†Unlimited travel through Zones B1 and A
  • Zone B2:¬†Unlimited travel through Zones B2, B1, and A
  • Zone B3:¬†Unlimited travel through Zones B3, B2, B1, and A
  • Zone C1:¬†Unlimited travel through Zones C1, B3, B2, B1, and A
  • Zone C2:¬†Unlimited travel through Zones C2, C1, B3, B2, B1, and A

Also, it’s very important to know what supplements and an inter-zone abono are. 

  • Supplements:¬†As a result of wanting to go¬†further than the zone you purchased you are able to buy a supplement which will add another zone to your card. Above all, it‚Äôs important to know the rates vary depending on zone.
  • Interzonales:¬†Maybe this is a good option if you are going to live near your school and will not travel much to the center¬†OR¬†if you are only going to be moving about Zone A

Name: Abono Joven

Unlimited 30-Day Travel in All Zones of the Community of Madrid

Cost: 20 Euros Flat

Validity: Applies to people only 25 years. As soon as you turn 26 years old you will not be qualified to have the Abono Joven.


Name: Abono Normal

Unlimited 30-day travel in your Purchased Zone:

Cost: Depends on purchased zone listed above. You can check prices here.

Validity: This applies for people 26 to 64 years-old. People 65 years-old and older apply for the Abono de Tercera Edad.

Step 4: Now you are ready to purchase.  

Oficinas de GestioŐĀn



Metro Machines

Bankia ATM

Above all, there are many places where you can purchase or charge your abono. Check the list below because some options might easier for you.

  • Online¬†(Purchase only)
  • Oficinas de GestioŐĀn¬†(Purchase only)
  • Estancos¬†(Purchase & Charge)
  • Machines in the Metro¬†(Purchas (Some Locations) and Charge)
  • Bankia¬†(ATM) Machines (Charge only)

What happens if my abono is lost or stolen?

Due to you losing your card there are three things you can do if your abono goes missing; lost or stolen.

  1. First of all, call Metro Transport Authority (902-444-403) to report and see if anyone turned it in. If no one has turned it in you will need to get a duplicate Abono.
  2. Next, make an application online with the Consorcio de Transportes for a duplicate Abono by going here.
  3. Finally, you can go to the Oficina de Gestión inside the metro station and talk with someone there who can help you.

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