Who we are:

Smart Insiders is a multicultural organization specializing in trips and event planning. We provide high quality services to the international people in Madrid to make them feel at home. Our young dynamic team consists of passionate ambitious people from all over the world. In Smart Insiders’ office you can find a mixture of different cultures and languages. As an international team, we perfectly understand the struggles of newcomers in Madrid and are aware of their current situation. This understanding, combined with our travel expertise, makes us the go-to for all things Madrid.

Being a good host is part of Spanish culture, and we aim to do just that. At Smart Insiders, our mission is to help every young foreigner to get to know Spanish customs and language. Through our trips and events, young people are able to become part of the international community of Madrid, discover the world and learn to understand, explore and accept new cultures.

What we do:

We know exactly what young international people are looking for in Madrid. We are aware of potential problems and challenges they may face before or during their stay in the city. So when it comes to settling in, you can always count on our professional help. With our help you will get the most out of your stay in Madrid. Meeting the locals, experiencing foreign culture and making international friends have never been so easy! Because in the end what really coun­­ts is your unique personal experience and the memories made to last a lifetime!

That’s why we are proud to say that each of our services and events are delivered to you by our experienced, multicultural and dynamic team. You can always rely on them and count on their individual support!

Come explore with us!

Our Crazy Skills

We are crazy about traveling
We love to meet people from all over the world
We are good at drinking “cañas”
We are addicted to creating new ideas
We love Madrid