The Meninas, based on the painting by Velázques, are coming back to the streets of Madrid! The Meninas Madrid Gallery is an unique and uncommon exhibition. The ‘Meninas Madrid Gallery’ initiative is looking for a way to capture the identiy of the Spanish capital. They have ‘opened’ a street museum made up of more than 50 Meninas.  It is also a perfect opportunity to stroll around Madrid! Explore new local shops and spot some Meninas;)

The painting of Velázques is an unusual family portrait, painted in 1656. The painting has inspired artists and writers for centuries. It has become a true cultural icon. The painting is exhibited in Prado’s Museum


The artist Antonio Azzata has insisted on giving it a new dimension. He has been in charge of separate more than 50 life-size meninas throughout the central neighborhoods of Madrid. When you see them it is impossible not to get closer to be photographed with them. 

In addition each one contains its QR code. When you scan the QR code, it offers information about the author and their origins. 

The Meninas all present some personality from the world of sports, entertainment, cuisine and have charitable purposes. When their exhibition ends (15th November), they will be auctioned and the profits will go to different NGOs and social aid associations.

The exhibition will start October 15th till December 15th.

You will find the Meninas through the central neighborhood. It is a fun activity to do with some friends! Discover the city, have a drink and spot some Meninas! Make some pictures, there are more than 50 meninas so you can choose which ones you like.

And, have fun!!


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