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Probably many of you may have heard the word Empadronado and wondering what does it mean? To break it down, becoming Empadronado means that you are registering yourself in the city in which you live in Madrid by giving the census your name and address. This is an important process because it is necessary for certain transactions in Madrid. Smart Insiders is here to give you a step-by-step guide on how to register. Most importantly, if you’re living in a city other than Madrid go to your local town hall (ayuntamiento) to ask about the process.

What’s the timeline for this process?


First of all, when becoming Empadronado you’re going to need an apartment. Without a place to live you will not have a local address to register yourself with the census. We highly recommend finding an apartment that comes with a rental contract. Without a contract the process may become difficult. When you are looking at apartments as the landlord or person who is showing the flat if a contract is available. If the answer is no we strongly advise looking elsewhere. Next, when you decide on a flat and move in you should make the padrón online. Probably you will be able to select an office that is most convenient for you. Next, you will then need to gather all the appropriate documents and then go to your appointment where you will receive a volante.

Step 1: Make your Padrón appointment online.


The first step is to make an appointment here

You will then have to fill out the form fields with the information below.

  • Tipo de servicio: Atención al ciudadano
  • Gestión: Padrón
  • Oficina: Select the office that is most convenient for you.
  • Date & Time: Current date and time. (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Personal Information:
    • Nombre: Name
    • Primer Apellido: First Last Name
    • Segundo Apellido: (Not Necessary)
    • Tipo de Document: Passport
    • Número de Document: Passport Number
    • Teléfono: Telephone Number
    • Dirección de Correo Electrónico: Email Address
  • Next, you need to verify all the information is correct. 
  • Click “Crear Cita”
  • Print your confirmation number (código de cita)

Step 2: Complete the Padrón Application


Next, you’re going to need to fill out the application form here. You can either print out and fill out the form by hand or type it in the interactive PDF. If you decide to type it make sure to use all UPPER case letters for readability. 

Step 3: Go to your Padrón appointment.


Finally, you will have to go to your appointment. Before going though you need to remember these important things.

  • Padrón Application
  • Physical Identity Documents and Photocopies (For you and all other residents living with you).
  • Documentation that proves where you live. 
  • Declaration that you have never before been Empadronado.

If you successfully turn in all these documents you will receive your Volante (paper stating you are Empadronado) immediately.

If you’re missing school or work?


Remember! If you are missing school or work for this appointment you will need a justificante. We recommend picking a day where you won’t miss too many obligations.

Above all, if you have any more questions about becoming Empadronado you can contact Smart Insiders here

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