Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world! That’s why you should invest your time in learning this beautiful language. But, starting from the bottom is hard! That’s why we have some tips, great apps and a language school that can help you to learn Spanish!

1. Paraninfo

This language school is the perfect school to learn Spanish. They are offering different courses, with classes with a duration of 4 or 10 weeks. You can choose to do the courses in groups or private. If you are interested, click here for more info! Get a 10% discount and free enrollment fee saying that you are coming form Smart Insiders.
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2. Duolingo

Probably everybody knows this app but that’s because it makes a difference! With handy exercises you work on your vocabulary, short sentences and grammar. You will start with a short test to see what your level is! It only takes you a maximum of 5 minutes a day! You will start with easy words, but you will be a pro in the end! 🙂 This app is available for Android en IOS.

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3. International friends

Having international friends is the perfect practical way to try! If you all speak English it is hard to switch to Spanish, so it’s recommended to find someone who speaks very ‘low’ English. That way, you can help them with their English and they can help you with your Spanish! You study together and stimulate for the perfect results of learning and speaking Spanish!

4. Facebook groups

There are a lot of Facebook Erasmus groups, where people offer their services! You can ask, but most of the time people post messages about the fact they are a teacher or that they offer their knowledge for you! Click here or here for some Facebook groups we think are useful for you! 

5. Keep a diary

Keeping a Spanish diary may sound a little childish, but it can help you a lot! Try to write something everyday very simple, like; the sun was shining today. Or; today I went to work. You will see that on day 3, you will know how to say the sun was shining today. That way, you can expand your vocabulary day by day!

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