How to make new friends during COVID!

Arriving in Madrid means leaving your hometown. Your family, your friends, your sports team. All for the new adventure! And although the start of an adventure is nice, it can be lonely. Especially if you don’t know anyone (yet) in the city!

We will try and help you out with these 5 tips! 

  • Facebook groups
  • Smart Insiders Activities
  • Say yes to everything
  • Leave the house
  • Whatsapp


How to make new friends during COVID!

1. Facebook groups

Right now there are a lot of Facebook groups. If you look up anything regarding Erasmus Madrid, you will find a lot of groups! In these groups, you can meet other people. Sometimes there are requests for friends, sometimes requests for finding a roommate. You name it! Most of the time, activities are being organized within the group.

You can visit the activity and meet new people! Here are two groups in which you can meet new people! Click here and here

2. Smart Insiders Activities

We as Smart Insiders are happy to help you make the best time here in Madrid, even during Corona! We are starting to organize activities again! Come with us and visit Reina Sofia or go on a day trip; for example Valencia. You can see new places, with our help. And at the same time meet new people, all with the Corona measures. 

So, check our site or our Facebook page for our upcoming events and trips!

3.  Say yes to everything

Being alone is lonely. But being alone just all the time is just really boring! ¡Say yes! When someone asks you to join a picnic/trips etc. ¡Say yes! Who knows what will happen…

You can meet new people, you can see new places and you are doing something. Bingo! Going back to your hometown and having to tell you didn’t see a lot of things and watched Netflix all day, isn’t the best comeback 😉

4. Leave the house

Staying inside all day is a comfortable idea.  Just chillin, watching some Netflix and eat some leftovers. But this is something you can do in your home country as well! You are in Madrid! Live like it! Go outside. Visit a café! Maybe you will meet some people.

You won’t know till you try;)

5. Whatsapp groups

There are many Whatsapp groups with different students! In these groups you can just ask who wants to hangout! Sometimes people also come with ideas like; we are in Retiro, join us! 

This is a fun way in which you can choose which things you want to do. You can even go last-minute to have a drink, you don’t know!

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