What is Nochevieja Universitaria in Salamanca?

Nochevieja Universitaria - Party - Costumes - Salamanca

Nochevieja Universitaria (University’s New Years Eve) in Salamanca is one of the biggest parties to end the year – and what better way to do it than with friends, new and old! The tradition came about because many students go home to spend the holidays with their families, and can’t celebrate the end of the year with their friends. 

This celebration is organized by university students to say goodbye, and celebrate the New Year before going home. It has become one of the most well-renowned parties in the city, the province, and other universities in Spain. Now you and your friends have a chance to attend the most anticipated New Year’s Eve event.

What can you expect?


Nochevieja Universitaria - Salamanca


To give you an idea of the amount of people expected, last year there were about 35,000 people and over 70 buses that arrived to Salamanca from all over Spain and Portugal. This isn’t exactly like Times Square in New York City, but you will experience a similar vibe.

Thursday, which is university’s biggest party night, will countdown to Friday the 13th, by everyone participating in the famous eating of the 12 grapes. This is a tradition where Spaniards eat 12 grapes for 12 months of luck in the year ahead. The ritual’s goal is to get an adrenaline rush with a few laughs to start the new year in a positive light.

When is Smart Insiders going?


Smart Insiders has organized three departure and return times

You and your friends can decide what’s best depending on schedules (and the desired time for returning home). If your group can’t come together, Smart Insiders will have staggering buses going to, and from Salamanca, so no one misses out on the fun! Buses will be arriving to Salamanca well before the party starts so if this is your first time visiting the city you will have the option to relax, grab dinner, and enjoy some nightlife before the official festivities kick off.



  • December 12th 17:00h 
  • December 12th 17:30h 
  • December 12th 18:30h



  • December 13th 3:30h
  • December 13th 4:00h
  • December 13th 4:30h

Remember! The times above are set departure and return times (you and your friends will not be able to mix departure and return times). For example, if you decide to leave at 17:00h, you will not be able to go back to Madrid on a later bus at 4:00 or 4:30. You will have to leave at your original return time at 3:30.

When does the party kick off?


In Salamanca you will find an incredible environment filled with concerts, clubs, food and drink, and beautiful buildings. At 22:00 you should be in Plaza Mayor because that’s when the party starts. If you’re not sure what to do after, Smart Insiders has included in your ticket discounted entries (which you can buy at the bus) to specific nightclubs after the Plaza Mayor festivities to continue the fun before returning back to Mad

Top tips for first time visitors. 


Go early.

We recommend getting to the square before 22:00 so you can get a good spot. Also, remember to not bring any glass objects with you, or it will be confiscated by the police upon entry.

Bring grapes.

Don’t forget to bring 12 grapes to eat before midnight to be a part of the Spanish tradition!

Get creative!

Wearing a festive holiday costume is welcome so get creative with your friends! Just keep in mind to dress warm since the event is outside. With the large crowds it will be hard to go in and out of places.

Where do I sign up?


Please join Smart Insiders and sign up to join us to ring in the New Year in Salamanca. Click below to sign up!

Nochevieja Universitaria - Smart Insiders

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