Travel with Smart Insiders to Morocco!


Who’s ready to take a trip of a lifetime to Morocco?

You will be visiting some of the best known cities in Morocco such as:

          • Marrakech
          • Ait Ben Haddou
          •  Fez
          • Chefchaouen (the Blue City)
          • Casablanca

Where each city is filled with its own unique character, you will be astonished in discovering Morocco’s rich culture and heritage. All the enchanting cities listed above are calling for you! Let’s go!

When is it?


Date: March / April

In April, the people of Spain have time off during Semana Santa (Holy Week) which is the week leading up to Easter Sunday. If you decide to join us the trip will be during those dates. Grab your friends, co-workers, or other fellow students and come join us during the holidays. If you’re planning to register it’s best to do it sooner rather than later. Prices go up as the trip gets closer so check out the dates and price information here.

Where are you going?


Madrid  →  Tarifa  →  Tanger  →  Chefchaouen  →  Fez  →  Sahara Desert  →  Ouarzazate  →  Marrakech  →  Casablanca  →  Tanger  →  Tarifa  →  Madrid








What can you expect?



Though the whole city is painted in blue, you’ll never catch yourself blue in the stunning city of Chefchaouen! Perched up in the mountains, grab your cameras as you enjoy scenic and postcard worthy views. The city has so much more to it than just it’s beautiful exterior — the city is deeply rich in history as well. In 1471, the city served as a Moorish fortress for those exiled from Spain. While in the 15th century, Jewish and Muslim refugees from Granada fled to the city. These different cultures merged and transformed the city into a multicultural hub for you to explore. In the walled Medina, you will get lost in a trance making your way through the narrow and maze-like streets. The city is also a great place to shop for amazing goods and souvenirs to take back home! 



Tinerher (Tinghir) is an actual oasis with subtropical climates wedged between two mountain ranges. Be astonished with the vast amount of palm trees that create the perfect shade to relax beneath. Tinghir offers an excellent trekking path, giving you views of water canals and dilapidated kasbahs, which were places where local leaders used to live. In this region, you will also find the famous Todgha Gorges, one of the world’s most spectacular canyons.



Fez is the most ancient of the country’s imperial cities, therefore there is so much to learn about it’s “royal”  history. An interesting fact about Fez is that it is the world’s largest car-free urban area! With more than 8 km of city walls and 9000 different alleyways, let your wanderlust take over, get lost, and explore what the city has to offer. In Fez, you will visit stunning monuments and experience various cultural staples, such as souks (local marketplaces), palaces, and mosques.



If you are ready to get into the heart of Moroccan culture and heritage, get ready for the amazing sites of exotic Marrakech. Characterized by beautiful tilework carefully crafted by locals and eccentric painted ceilings, you are sure to be in awe. The Ali Ben Youssef Medersa is an exquisite example of Islamic architecture. Furthermore, during the visit, you will understand how the timetables of locals revolve around prayer. Prayers are chanted and blasted on loudspeaker, calling everybody to unite in prayer.



Merzouga is a little town close to the Sahara Desert, and though the actual village has little to offer, it is the best gateway to the famous Erg Chebbi dunes. Erg Chebbi is a desert dream, characterized with slopey dunes and a sense of solitude and tranquility. With Smart Insiders, you will spend the night at a desert camp and get the chance to experience a sky full of stars. This is a trip you wouldn’t want to miss!

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No, we aren’t talking about the movie, but rather the modern city in Morocco. If you are into modern architecture, urban beaches and stumbling upon hidden gems – Casablanca is the place to be! You will notice that there is a huge redevelopment happening as construction is booming! Though Casablanca is a modern city, you will still be able to find details that take you back to the past!

Want to learn more about Morocco?


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