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You should consider coming with Smart Insiders to Salamanca Spain. Only a short two hour drive away, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is on the must-visit list since it is one of Spain’s most charming cities. Along with the grand architecture and fascinating history there are many reasons to visit including:

          • The University: One of the oldest in Europe.
          • Energetic Student Life.
          • Gorgeous Plaza Mayor
          • Admirable Architecture
          • Cuisine

Keep reading to understand more about Salamanca’s rich history and let us convince you this is a trip you can’t miss.

The University + Student Life


Salamanca University is one of the oldest universities in Europe. Many people have walked the halls since the 13th century like Miguel de Cervantes and Christopher Columbus.

Salamanca is located in the middle of Spain which is in the heart of ‘old Castilla’. Here is where the ‘purest’ form of Spanish is spoken. Because of this, students come from around the world to study the language at Salamanca University. The school attracts 2000 foreign students a year allowing for great diversity in the city. If you have a chance to stay overnight you wont be disappointed with the active nightlife melding traditional and modern together.

Salamanca Spain

Plaza Mayor


Plaza Mayor de Salamanca  is a space built as a main square and is the center of social life in the Spanish city of Salamanca. It was built between 1729 to 1756 in Baroque style.

During the beginning when it was formerly known as the Plaza de San Martín it was a natural spot for trade. Today the plaza is surrounded by cafes, the most famous – and the oldest in the city – is the Novelty Literary Café, which served as a meeting point for writers and artists in the city since it opening in 1905. The square is also the hub of cultural life and entertainment, hosting performances by both Spanish and International artists.

Another great event is Nochevieja Universitaria which is a huge pre – New Years Eve celebration held on December 28th for students returning home for the holidays. All in all Plaza Mayor is a perfect place to start your journey before exploring the many other captivating places that it has to offer.

Intricate Carvings


Travelers enjoy looking for the intricate details that are the hidden secrets of the city and Salamanca has a few worth finding. When visiting the facade of the University you’ll notice a crowd staring and pointing. They aren’t just admiring the stunning details but also trying to find something and that would be a tiny frog sitting on a skull. Word has it this skull belongs to the young Prince Juan who died as a teenager. The frog represents the physician who cared for the dying Prince.

Salamanca not only has one but two cathedrals; Old and New. The New Cathedral was built in stages from 1509 and combines late Gothic architecture with the Renaissance style. Its facade contains two futuristic carvings. The first is the beloved Salamanca Astronaut. Clearly astronauts were foreign to stone masons who built the cathedral between the 16th and 18th centuries. See what other surprises you’ll be able to uncover when observing.

Salamanca Spain

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