Festival season is here! Here’s what you don’t wanna miss.


With spring comes many festivals that will be going on all around Spain. Certainly you will find traditional dress, food, music, and more. Most importantly each community celebrates in their own unique way and Smart Insiders wants to help you decide which festival to attend.

Fallas Festival: Valencia


Fallas Festival is one of the most unique festivals celebrated in Spain. Happening from March 15th to the 19th in Valencia, there is a world filled with flowers, colorful statues (ninots), and music. Above all it is a celebration to end the long winter and welcome spring with open arms. These beautiful ninots which are made over many months will be set on fire in a ritual called La Cremá at the end of the four days. Therefore, it’s a beautiful way to welcome the new season with some heat.🔥

Fallas La Planta, Trips
Fallas Nit del foc, Trips
Fallas La Crema, Trips

Feria de Abril: Sevilla


What is Feria de Abril?

When spring hits, the people of Sevilla begin preparations for this famous party. The city centre gets ready to entertain with traditional Spanish activities such as dancing flamenco and salsa while enjoying amazing food and wine. Hence, many people travel from all over to attend the fair. The party goes on for a whole week starting Monday and continuing to Sunday. The celebration has dancing, singing, drinking, and parades for you to enjoy. While Feria de Sevilla started as a trade fair for local farmers and landowners to exchange livestock for the upcoming season, you won’t see any cattle this week.

What are good days to go?

Maybe you don’t have time off to spend the entire week in Sevilla. Because of this, we recommend going either on the day of the El Alumbrado (The Lighting) or Closing Day.

El Alumbrado

First of all, this event represents the beginning of the fair where the mayor of the city will press a button and slowly illuminate 24,000 bulbs which cover the Real de la Feria which marks the entrance.

Closing Day

Finally, the last day of the fair is nice because people will be in good spirits to celebrate the ending to this energized week. Rather than ending the night quietly, after dancing in the casetas (booths) you can enjoy a beautiful firework show.

Feria de los Balcones: Cordoba


The Bars & Balconies Festival of Cordoba is one of the popular festivals that take place during May in Cordoba. The duration of the festival is the same amount of time as Feria de los Patios. In this contest the participants are the ones who live in the historical district of Cordoba. Most noteworthy are their balconies and bars which are decorated with a sea of flowers whose bright colors form a harmonious contrast with the white walls of buildings. Want a good photo op? This is your opportunity since every year these sights are sought out by professional photographers and social media enthusiasts.

Feria de los Patios: Cordoba


The Feria de los Patios is similar to the Balcones festival, but is a competition of outside patios (courtyards). Cordobans open up their homes to the public to enjoy the courtyards filled with trees, flowers, and fountains. Due to the hot and dry climate, the city’s inhabitants adapted the typical design of the houses in Cordoba based on their needs. As a result, the homes are surrounding an inner courtyard normally with a fountain sitting in the middle and also a well to collect rainwater. As time went by Muslims made further adjustments, giving the house an entrance from the street which passed through a porch, and filling the courtyard with plants to give the sensation of freshness.


Feria de Mayo: Cordoba


Finally, the Feria de Mayo is at the end of May to mark the feast of Lady de la Salud (Our Lady of Health). Because the special fairground in El Arenal is easy to get to you will see horse riders along with men and women walking around in special dress. The uplifting sound of Sevillanas drinking wine and eating the tapas while wearing the Cordovan hat and the peinetas (ornamental combs worn by the women) make the Cordoba Fair an amazing experience. The casetas (booths) are laid out in orderly rows on the many different streets that make up the fairground. What’s great about the fair in Cordoba is that all the casetas are public unlike Sevilla. All doors are open for visitors to enter any caseta they like which is great for meeting new people throughout the day.

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