5 Best Places to Eat Pizza in Rome, Italy

1. Bonci Pizzarium 

Bonci Pizzarium is a culinary gem, known for its gourmet pizza by the slice. These pizzas have innovative toppings and focus on quality ingredients. It is a must-visit for pizza lovers!

2. Al Solito Porzio

Al Solito Porzio is a cozy restaurant offering traditional Roman cuisine with a modern twist. This restaurant serves hearty portions and authentic flavors in a welcoming atmosphere.

3. Nuovo Mondo

Nuovo Mondo is a bustling pizzeria serving up delicious pies in a casual setting. Whether you’re craving a classic Margherita or a specialty pizza loaded with toppings, this spot promises a satisfying meal at affordable prices.

4. Mattarello d’Oro (Talenti)

Mattarello d’Oro in Talenti is a beloved pizza shop known for its freshly made food with delicious sauces. From traditional recipes to creative combinations, every dish is crafted with care and showcases the flavors of Italian cuisine.

5. Piccolo Buco

Piccolo Buco is a charming restaurant that offers authentic Roman cuisine in a cozy atmosphere. From hearty pasta and pizza dishes to flavorful meat and seafood plates, every bite is a celebration of traditional Italian flavors.

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