Brunch on a Budget for Young Travelers

What’s one word, six letters and combines the two earliest meals of the day? Brunch! As international students it can be hard to wake up on time for breakfast. Between school, the homework and the partying life gets exhausting. However, that doesn’t mean that you young travelers have to totally miss out! This is going to be a list of some of the best brunch spots in Madrid. Whether you want a bite during the week or need a hangover cure on the weekend, we have you covered. Not only that, but there are some cheap options so you can eat well and not break your bank account!

  Pum Pum Café

Cute cafe in Madrid Spain Lavapiez

Cute, quaint and cozy. Tucked away on a side street of Lavapiez lies Pum Pum Cafe. The perfect cafe to sit and chat with some exchange friends over a delicious homemade pastry and some coffee. 

On the weekends they offer a quick and simple brunch menu. This menu consists of: a coffee or tea, juice, croissant, a yogurt and fruit bowl and finally their benedict. All of this for the price of 10€! A great value especially for young travelers looking to save a couple bucks. Not only is the price great, but they don’t waste any time when it comes to getting your food out. 

On the weekend during peak hours there will most likely be a line. I would suggest getting there either really early or later in the day. This will help to avoid waiting in line since it’s first come first serve. Keep it simple! Keep it cheap! Head on over to Pum Pum for some yummy eats and sweet treats!

  • Address:  C. de Tribulete, 6, 28012 Madrid
  • Instagram: pumpumcafe | Website:
  • Reservations: None
  • Brunch hours: All day Saturday & Sunday | Brunch Cost: €10  
  • Restaurant Hours: Everyday 9:30-19:30

  The Toast Café

Cute cafe in Madrid Spain

A toast to The Toast Café! With a charming interior, a large selection of tap beers and a delicious brunch menu you really can’t go wrong. Containing a regular menu ranging from chicken and waffles to coconut shrimp tacos, your menu options are varied and exciting

Their  brunch menu, available on the weekends, is a main highlight of this joint. For 18€ you can get a starter, a second and a drink. The Toast Café carefully selects their ingredients to create homemade meals with an American feel. This is going to be a foolproof spot for American study abroad students wanting a taste from home! Located in the Chamborí district, it is sure to make young travelers feel welcomed when you get there and full when you leave!

  • Address: C. de Fernando el Católico, 50, 28015 Madrid
  • Instagram: thetoastcafe | Website:
  • Reservation: Recommended 
  • Brunch Hours: 10:00-17:00 on weekends | Brunch cost: €19,90
  • Restaurant Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-00:00 | Saturday- Sunday 10:00-00:00

  Zenith Brunch & Cocktails

Zenith brunch for young travelers

A fun and hip chain found in Madrid, Barcelona, Porto and Lisbon! Zenith brunch and cocktails is the ultimate brunch spot. A combination of great service, many delicious food options and a vast cocktail menu, this is any young travelers dream! Zenith is one of my favorite spots to cure a hangover and recap the night’s events with friends. 

It is going to be a first-come, first-serve basis restaurante. Due to this if you go during busy hours there might be a wait. However, the service is quick all around so you shouldn’t have to wait too long if this is the case. Located in Malasana, it is the perfect place to grab some good eats and get a perfect start to your day!

  • Address: C. de Valverde, 28, 28004 Madrid
  • Instagram: zenithmadrid | Website:
  • Reservations: None
  • Brunch Hours: All day everyday | Brunch cost: 6€- 15€
  • Hours: Everyday 8:00-18:00

   Eat My Trip Madrid

Brunch spot for young travelers

I want it all and I want it now, is how the Eat My Trip menu will have you feeling. Known as one of the coolest brunch spots in Madrid, this restaurant is sure to exceed any young travelers expectations. They have big portions and bottomless mimosas. The bottomless only lasts an hour and a half. However, I don’t know about you but that is enough time for me to get my mimosa fix and leave feeling more than good. If you wanna veer away from the alcohol and want something more healthy they also have some scrumptious smoothie options. 

With this restaurant being smaller and a more popular spot, it is recommended that you reserve a table. However, if you forget to, you can always show up and see what is available. They have a section of tables for first-come, first serve. Another highlight of their menu is that they have plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. So, complete your trip at Eat My Trip Madrid any day of the week! 

  • Address: C. de la Moreria, 11, 28005 Madrid
  • Instagram: eatmytripmadrid | Website:
  • Reservations: Recommended: You can see availability online. If all reservations are booked they have tables for first come first serve 
  • Brunch Hours: All day everyday | Brunch cost: 7€- 20€
  • Hours: Monday- Thursday 10:00- 17:00 | Friday 10:00-19:00| Saturday- Sunday 9:00- 19:00


Carmencita  Brunch was a restaurant created with the idea of bringing an authentic American brunch to Madrid. The founder of Carmencita is from the US. However, with her strong love for Spain, she wanted to bring a slice of home to the capital of Madrid. As brunch is becoming more and more popular in Madrid, she had the right idea when starting Carmenctia back in 2010.

This restaurant is going to be the place to go for young travelers looking for an authentic brunch experiences in Madrid. Actually, it is said by many that it is the “best brunch in town”. Be sure to reserve a table in advance because if you just head over there you are likely to be waiting for a while.

  • Address: C. de San Vicente Ferrer, 51, 28015 Madrid
  • Instagram: carmencita.brunch | Website:
  • Reservations: Recommended 
  • Brunch Hours: All day everyday | Brunch cost: 9.50€- 18€
  • Hours: everyday 10:00- 16:30 

   The Fix

Situated near the frequented Plaza de Espana lies The Fix. Not only a brunch spot but a spot for some great coffee. The fix was founded in 2018 by two people who were passionate about two things: serving great coffee and brunch. What is better than sipping a perfect cup of coffee with a great meal? It is one of life’s simplest yet greatest pleasures.

For my young travelers that need their coffee fix, they always have two options for espresso to enjoy. One of the options is to drink on its own and the other with milk. They also always have seasonal coffee to switch things up every now and then!

This restaurant is not going to take any reservations, just come as you are and show up when you can. Go get your fix at The Fix!

  • Address: Calle de Luisa Fernanda, 15, 28008 Madrid
  • Instagram: thefixmadrid | Website:
  • Reservations: none
  • Brunch Hours: All day everyday | Brunch cost: 6-12€
  • Hours: Monday- Friday 8:00-19:00 | Saturday- Sunday: 9:00- 19:00

  Panela & Co

Wanna go simple with a breakfast bagel? Or maybe you wanna go big with a full on brunch? Small and simple or big and delicious, Panela & Co has you covered.

If you wanna stay more on the cheap side they have a varied breakfast menu with some sweet and healthy options. However, if you are feeling pretty hungry, I would lean towards the brunch menu. For €21.95 you can get a cold and hot beverage, an entree and a main plate. I know this isn’t the cheapest option, but if you are looking to treat yourself one weekend, Panela will make it worth it.

Additionally, they also have some homemade lemonade and fresh juice that is unbeatable! A perfect spot for young travelers to kick back, relax and dig in!

  • Address: C. de López de Hoyos, 10, 28006 Madrid
  • Instagram: panelaandco | Website:
  • Reservations: Not necessary during the week but recommended on weekends and holidays 
  • Brunch Hours: All day everyday | Brunch/Breakfast cost: 9.95 to 20€ 
  • Hours: Everyday 9:30- 16:3

  Brunch Club Café

Fruit bowl for healthy young travelers

A hidden gem in the heart of Madird. Brunch Club Café is gonna be a cozy place to head on the weekends and grab some brunch with some mates. They have a friendly staff, so no need to worry about feeling rushed or asking any questions you have. 

Their full brunch menu consists of both a hot and cold drink, a small starter and a main plate. There are plenty of yummy options to choose from and they even have a vegan wrap. The mini brunch consists of the hot and the cold drink as well. However, you either get to choose one main dish or an order of yogurt with fruit,a croissant, bread, jams and tomate. So whether you are in the mood to chow down or only have a smaller portion, you are able to do both. 

  • Address: C. del Barco, 15, 28004 Madrid
  • Instagram: brunchclubcafe | Website:
  • Reservations: Not needed but recommended
  • Brunch Hours: All day on weekends | Brunch cost: 14€ Mini Brunch- 19€ Full Brunch
  • Hours: Monday- Friday 9:30- 16:30 | Saturday- Sunday 10:00- 16:30

   La Desayuneria

Fluffy pancakes, rich flavors and big portions. La Desayuneria is really going for the American feel. So much so, that they even have iced coffee on the menu! I don’t know about you but this is the first place in Spain that I have seen offer that. They have a wide variety of every breakfast item, but especially their pancakes which are their specialty. Also, make sure to try one of their delicious and very popular milkshakes. If you really have a sweet tooth go for the Milkshake de Nocilla! This will give you your sugar fix for the day. 

La Desayuneria is also equipped with an extremely friendly staff, making the experience an overall good one. If you go, make sure you go hungry because your plate will be filled when it comes time to eat! As they say “You miss enough things in life, don’t miss breakfast!”

  • Address: C. de Barbieri, 4, 28004 Madrid
  • Instagram: la_desayuneria_madrid | Website:
  • Reservations: none
  • Brunch hours: All day everyday | Brunch cost: 7€- 14€
  • Hours: Everyday 9:00- 20:00

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