22 12, 2018

December Celebrations Madrid: End 2018 with a bang! 🎉

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Let's toast to 2018! These are the events you can't miss... In Madrid from Christmas Eve (Nochebuena) until Three Kings Day (Dia de los Reyes) the celebration and holiday activities continue. There are many cultural traditions that are available to you during this time. 2019 is around the corner and SmartInsiders is back to to [...]

24 11, 2018

Europe Holiday Trip: You’re Eurotrippin’ if You Miss This!

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Europe Trip: Hostel + Hotel Editions Find yourself staying in Madrid over the holidays wanting to travel Europe?  Take advantage of your time off by catching up on your country count! Smart Insiders has organized a Europe trip starting the day after Christmas, December 26th. Imagine 5 different countries, 10 cities, and a special [...]

28 08, 2016


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Christian Culture says that the fourty days before Easter were meant to be a time for repentance of sins and making sacrifices. So it came as a natural thing the idea of having a massive party before Lent. If your sins would be washed away soon so this would be the time to commit them. That [...]