26 03, 2019

Gastronomía Madrileña: Typical dishes in Madrid.

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Smart Insider's Guide: Typical Spanish Dishes Welcome to Madrid: Spain's Cooking Capital. The city's typical dishes are inspired from the different Spanish autonomous communities. Since Madrid is smack dab in the center of Spain, it has become a place of passage for travelers. Because of this, it has adopted the common dishes from the regions of Spain and turning them into a universal cuisine. Here you can learn all about Gastronomía de Madrileña.  How did it all start? The history of cuisine in Madrid began at the end of the 16th century. King [...]

20 02, 2019

Bio Markets Madrid: Where to shop for bio food products.🥗

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What does BIO mean in relation to food? Maybe many of you aren't sure what BIO supermarkets are and how they are beneficial to you. First, we want to inform you on what bio means and what are the advantages to changing your grocery shopping lifestyle. BIO products are grown and/or raised following the rules of the EU regulation on organic farming. All this means is that the food items you're buying are organic but also with a few more benefits. When you're shopping around Madrid and see the bio label on any packaged processed [...]

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