Study Abroad Guide to Best Chinese Food in Madrid

You scream, I scream, we all scream for Chinese! Let’s explore and find some of the most authentic and delicious Chinese food that Madrid has to offer. As exchange students, we are constantly presented with opportunities to immerse ourselves in new things everyday. Living abroad in Madrid allows us to experience things from every corner of the world in one place. So, let’s go find the corners that are loaded with the best Chinese food in the city!

Restaurante De Sichuan

Authentic hot pot in Madrid

Taking authenticity to the next level, Restaurante Sichuan is the only place in Madrid opened by Sichuan natives. Their goal is to give customers a look into their culture through food. They guarantee this by having a kitchen staffed with cooks originally from Sichuan and ingredients directly imported from Sichuan itself! Their menu consists of anything from hot pots and stews to delicious prawns that seem to be the rave with all customers!

Restaurante Sichuan is located in the heart of Madrid near Sol… a place which is very popular among exchange students. Studying abroad in Spain, it is easy to get caught up in the Tapas culture. But, take a break from the Tapas and sit down and enjoy some flavorful Chinese food!

 As this restaurant is located in a very busy neighborhood, I would suggest making  a reservation before you head over. This will guarantee that you get to enjoy some of the best Sichuan food Madrid has to offer. 

  • Address: Calle Caballero de Gracia 8, Madrid, Spain
  • Hours: Monday-Sunday 13:00- 16:30, 19:30- 24:00 
  • Reservation: Reccomended
  • Website:
  • Instagram: sichuan_madrid

Xiaolongkan Hot Pot

popular Hot pot restaurant with fun enviornment

Get in loser, we’re going to eat hot pot! Xiaolongkan Hot Pot, considered the best hot pot in Madrid, is an essential stop for all my young world travelers . Once you step in the doors you are transported from Spain to China all in one foul swoop. The experience continues to get better as you walk in and see what everyone has on their tables. It will have you wanting to try everything on the menu! With authentic ingredients, great service and reasonable prices you will leave planning your next trip back.

The ambiance coupled with the size of the restaurant create an unparalleled environment. Xialongkan is the perfect place to head with a group of friends for a delicious meal and a good time! This restaurant is not just a place to grab a bite, it is all about the experience. And everyone here knows that being an exchange student, we are always on the hunt for the next best adventure. If we are being honest, that is what traveling abroad is all about.

Grab your friends, and head to Xiaolongkan Hot pot for some of the best Chinese food in Madrid. They will be thanking you later, I promise. Even though it is a large establishment I would still suggest reserving a table because it is a place that is constantly buzzing!

  • Address: Calle Maestro Arbós, 3, 28045 Legazpi, Madrid, Spain
  • Hours: Wednesday- Monday 13:00- 01:00 | Tuesday Closed
  • Reservation: Reccomended
  • Instagram: shooloongkan_hotpot

Hunan Restaurant

fried rice with drinks at chinese restaurant

Praised by people native to the Hunan region in China, Hunan Restaurant has some of the most authentic Chinese food in Madrid. What really sets it apart from the other Chinese restaurants is the charming ambiance it has created. Hunan Restaurant has a helpful staff, reasonable prices and fresh atmosphere. This makes it a fantastic place to share a meal with friends any time of the week. 

Living abroad, somehow us exchange students always end up at more hectic places with a lot going on. Hunan would be a great place to take a break from the busy travel life and enjoy a relaxing meal. 

Now, talking about food. Their portions are big and definitely shareable, so don’t worry about not filling up after a meal there. Their fried rice is one of their most popular things on the menu along with the typical Hunan cuisine they serve. Watch out for spice if you are sensitive! Let them know just how zippy you want your food and they will be sure to accommodate you. Hunan Restaurant is located in the center of Madrid, a few minutes walk from Gran Via.

  • Address: Calle de la Ballesta, 4, 28004 Madrid, Spain
  • Hours: Wednesday- Sunday 13:00-16:30, 19:30-23:30 | Tuesday Closed
  • Reservation: Reccomended
  • Website:
  • Instagram: hunanrestaurant

Restaurante Xiongzai

cheap Dim Sum near Plaza de Espana Madrid Quick, cheap and delicious! Restaurante Xiongzai is the place to go if you are in a rush and looking to save a buck. Known for their great prices and authentic cuisine, this is the perfect place for study abroad students to eat with friends. Not only this but they also have vegetarian options!

Now, keep in mind this isn’t going to be the most trendy place to hit. However, that doesn’t stop the customers from constantly flowing in. If you go during peak hours you may have to wait a bit. I recommend sticking around though because once you do eat, you are sure to leave feeling stuffed and satisfied. Another important thing to note is that as quick as the service is, don’t expect to be greeted with a smile. But, don’t let this deter you, it is all just part of the experience!

  • Address: Calle San Leonardo, 3, 28015 Madrid, Spain | Calle de la Salud, 8, 28013 Madrid, Spain
  • Hours: Monday Closed | Tuesday- Sunday 12:30- 17:00,  18:30- 23:00
  • Reservation: Not needed
  • Instagram: restaurante.xiongzai

Hong Kong 70

Popular chinese food in Chinstown Madrid Spain

Let’s take a trip back to the 70’s shall we? With neon lights, vintage decor and movie posters covering the walls this should be the chinese food hot spot for students living in Madrid.

Hong Kong 70 is going to be a great restaurant to grab some chinese grub with friends while enjoying a cool atmosphere. They make their Dim Sum daily and have a great selection of different rices. This is going to be Cantonese style eating. Due to this, I recommend trying some seafood or roasted meat such as the duck or pork! This will give you the true Cantonese experience.

There are going to be two locations for this establishment. The location with the more lively and vibrant experience is located at the Chinatown location. So, as you discover Madrid, don’t just hit the main tourist attractions. Make your way over to Chinatown to enjoy all this neighborhood has to offer, including Hong Kong 70! 

  • Address: Calle Nicolas Sánchez, 11, 28026 Madrid, Spain (Chinatown) | Calle de Toledo, 28, 28005 Madrid, Spain
  • Hours: Chinatown: Everyday 12:30-00:00 | Calle de Toledo: Monday Closed | Tuesday- Sunday 13:00-16:30, 20:00- 00:00
  • Reservation: Reccomended
  • Wesbite:
  • Instagram: hongking_70

DimSum Market

For those of you who don’t know, dim sum are small plates of traditional Chinese food, made up of dumplings and other snacks. More simply put, it is the tapas of Chinese food! So, here at Dim Sum market, you get just that. With a menu containing a wide variety of options, you are sure to find something that suits your taste palette. 

DimSum Market is sure to provide an unbeatable quality by hand making a large majority of their products. Now, as their main focus at this restaurant is dim sum, they do have other food options. These include pad thai, fried rice, and other dishes. Some people claim this isn’t going to be the cheapest option in the city. However, I think you just need to order smart. They also have options for glasses of wine under 3 euro if you want a drink with your meal. I know I always do!

There are going to be two locations for this restaurant. The one I am recommending is the location in Chamberí. While both locations are equally delicious, Chamberí has a fun aesthetic more suited to you study abroad patrons. Also, if you don’t feel like eating out they have plenty of delivery options! As you explore the city of Madrid, make sure to keep this place in mind if you are in need of a quick and yummy snack.

  • Address: Paseo del General Martínez Campos, 40, 28010, Madrid, Spain (Chamberí) | Calle de Principe, 19, 28012, Madrid, Spain
  • Hours: Sunday- Thursday 12:30- 17:00, 19:00- 23:30 | Friday 12:30- 17:00, 19:00- 00:00 | Saturday 12:30- 0:00
  • Reservation: None
  • Website:
  • Instagram: dimsummarket

KungFu Bar & Restaurant 

Need a little spice in your life? If so, Kungfu Bar and Restaurant will be sure to add some flair! This quaint little restaurant is sure to make you feel right at home with their comfortable atmosphere. Known for their delicious and flavorful fish dishes, they also have a very large selection of options to choose from. Do be careful if you order the chicken because you are bound to find some bones in there.

They offer a daily menu, but I recommend ordering a la carte if you want to save some money. If you have any questions or need recommendations, don’t hesitate to ask your server, they are more than happy to give you some suggestions. Make sure to call and book a reservation so you skip waiting in line and get straight to eating.

  • Address: Calle de la Luna, 12, Madrid, Spain
  • Hours: Wednesday- Monday 12:00- 16:30 | Tuesday Closed
  • Reservation: Reccomended
  • Instagram: kungfu_restaurante

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