Communal Transportation Madrid: We like to move it. ????

Motos, bicicyles, and scooters…oh my!


With good weather approaching and winter coming to an end comes many possibilities to move about Madrid. After months of traveling by metro it’s good to get above ground to explore the streets of the city, and what better way to do it than exploring some of the communal transportation Madrid offers. These are beneficial for your wallet and also for the environment so check out the list we’ve organized for you to start researching what options you would like to try out this Spring!





Need a quicker option than a bike rental company to commute to work? The city of Madrid is focused on reducing its pollution so with that in mind the community has set up BiciMAD. The company’s mission is to create both an ecological and healthy alternative to transportation. The company has made it an easy process to receiving and returning a bike, but to do so you need to register in advance and do it here.

Rent & Roll


Have a hard time deciding what kind of bike you would like to rent or can’t find a rental spot with a lot of options? Rent & Roll is a good choice for you then. You can choose between a few options such as city, mountain, or trekking bikes depending on the type of ride you have in mind. Also, what’s great about Rent & Roll is that you don’t have to pick up your bike at a location, but the company will actually deliver to your home, hostel, or hotel!




Need to get around the city at 4 am? If you’re comfortable riding around Madrid on a scooter IoScoot is a great option! Access to these scooters are available 24 hours a day. To be able to rent you will have to register online or download the app. Worried about safety? No worries because the company offers 2 helmets with your rental so you and a friend can ride around safely.



Similar to BiciMAD, Cooltra’s mission is to bring eco-friendly transportation by offering both short-term and long-term rental scooters. What’s awesome about this company is if you have been thinking about purchasing your own scooter Cooltra gives you the option of trying it out before you commit to buy with their rent-purchase option. Learn more about that here.

Electric Scooters



You’ve probably noticed the new fad of electric scooters popping up around the world, and now you can join the crowd. Lime is a global company that offers smart electric scooter for you to rent in Madrid. All you have to do is download the app. Once you’ve downloaded you’re ready to hunt for a lime scooter in the city. When you’ve found a ride all you have to do is use the QR code from the app to unlock from the dock. It’s important to bring a helmet since not all locations provide one. You can learn more about how the scooter functions here.

Just remember that when you’re riding the scooter you have to obey local traffic laws so make sure to study your routes beforehand so you know what to expect. If you want to learn more about how to ride the lime scooters click here for more info.



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If you’re looking to travel by metro and not sure where to start you can learn more about acquiring an Abono Transporte.

For any other general questions feel free to contact us here.

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