Cordoba on show

Cordoba on show

Although in April Sevilla is the place to be with its lively Feria de Abril, in May the party is in Cordoba. Both the Feria de Cordoba and the Feria de los patios dominate the city.

But which one should you choose?


Feria de Córdoba

Just as the festivities in Sevilla, the Feria de Cordoba is a time for everyone to come together and dance. On the fairground of El Arenal you find many stalls where you can go and dance flamenco. Want to take it easy? Don’t worry there is food enough to just relax along the dancefloor and watch your friends dance. A little side note: contrary to the Feria de Abril, all the sheds here are public. So don’t be shy to enter one!

The party doesn’t stop as soon as the sun comes up. During the

day, several activities are waiting for you.

– What about some action and speed at the funfair next to El Arenal? Attractions for the whole family are waiting for you!

– Do you prefer traditions? What about some equestrian guards, dressed-up in their finest outfits, riding through the city? Or the traditional costume demonstrations?

– Want to chill out a little? There are numerous concerts worth attending every day.

Feria de los patios

As I’ve already said, May is the month in which Cordoba is put in the spotlights. Have you already recovered from all the dancing and drinking? Not yet? That’s absolutely no problem. La Feria de los patios is a much quieter one. During this festival the patios of the city are open to show the public the hidden treasures of the city.

The patios, which are UNESCO World Heritage, were designed to cope with the hot and dry climate of the region. The romans provided the typical design of the centre of the house being the courtyard. The Muslims, in turn, added the most beautiful plants to the courtyard in order to create a lush scene.

To make sure you’ve seen everything, you can organize your visit by using the following website: This map doesn’t just show the routes you can follow, it also gives a little history at each and every patio.

The Feria de Cordoba might not be as big as the one in Sevilla. Nevertheless, this is part of its charm. You don’t go to Cordoba to party hard. You’re there to relax and enjoy the rich traditions and the beautiful heritages this city has to offer. In May it’s Cordoba that should be on top of your list. It’s only now the hidden treasures of the city are being revealed. So what are you waiting for? Cordoba is on show!


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