Free* Visit to the Cibeles Palace Viewpoint

Free* Visit to the Cibeles Palace Viewpoint

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Palacio de Cibeles


Palacio de Cibeles
Madrid, España

Covid 19 measures

Facemasks must be worn in all public spaces in Madrid, specially indoor and outdoor if you can’t hold the 1,5 m distance.

More information on restrictions due to COVID-19 can be found here.

Medidas covid 19

Es obligatorio el uso de mascarillas en todos los espacios públicos de Madrid, especialmente en interiores y exteriores si no puedes mantener la distancia de 1,5 m.

Puede encontrar más información sobre las restricciones debido a COVID-19 aquí.


Nov 24 2021


5:30 pm




Do you want to see Madrid from a different angle?
Then come with us to explore Madrid from the Palacio de Cibeles Viewpoint with an official guide of the palace.

IMPORTANT: The visit will be only in Spanish.


Originally, this building was used for communication. It was the largest post office in the world, making it larger than Chicago’s post office. However, in 2007, Palacio de Cibeles was given a new function. Now, it is the seat of the Madrid City Council. With the change in function, the building underwent some changes. One alteration was that the original mail sorting office now serves as the council chamber.

Since the building used to be the largest post office in the world, it has a lot of space to fill. There are many attractions inside that you may not have expected from an old post office.


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