Flamenco Show


Calle del Conde de Miranda 1


Sep 23 - 21 2023 - 2024


7:00 pm - 9:30 pm




Flamenco Dancing is a traditional form of dance in Spain. This form of dance is energetic and like no other, and since it originated in Spain, there is no better place to see it performed.
Flamenco Dancing was influenced by the Romantic Era and Spanish gypsies to become what it is today.
This form shows a combination of dance and sound; the audience can hear clapping, stomping and strumming as the dancers perform. To put emphasis on their movements, dancers wear costumes in bright colors with large ruffles.
Today, you can still watch traditional Flamenco dancing, and we know the best spots to watch it! Come with us as we watch the enchanting Flamenco Dance.


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