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Prado National Museum


Prado National Museum
Madrid, España

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Jan 25 2022


6:00 pm




Without a doubt, Museo del Prado is one of the world’s most important museums. It is a widely visited museum that many dream of going to, and we can make that dream come true. Join us on a free tour of Museo del Prado, and see the most popular pieces within the museum.


Since its foundation in 1819, the Museo del Prado has played a key role in the evolution of art history. The collections of Prado reflect the history of Spain. However, there was a period in the 19th century where the museum became less important on the international level. This caused a reduction in its appeal for foreign artist. However, the museum overcame that and is once again a highly visited museum.

The Museo del Prado as a whole has been crucial for the rediscovery of the Spanish Primitives and emblematic figures. Some of these include El Grece and for positioning Velázquez as the greatest figure in the Spanish pictorial Parnassus. The museum’s galleries have since inspired some of the most avant-garde painters of the past 150 years.

Today, more than 2,300 paintings have been added to the museum. The Prado has also gained other forms of art to fill its rooms including sculptures, prints and drawings. There is plenty to see at the Prado and we are here to help you explore it!

We are so excited to take you on a free tour of the Museo del Prado! Our tour will allow you to see the most important and popular pieces within the Prado.


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