Free* Visit to the Fundación Telefónica

Free* Visit to the Fundación Telefónica

Fundación Telefónica


Fundación Telefónica
Madrid, España


Sep 26 2023


5:00 pm




Come with us to experience Fundacion Telefonica! This exhibition is a combination of digital art and the evolution of telecommunications. It is a new look at the world of technology and expresses interesting ideas that you can debate about amongst your fellow viewers.


This gallery rests in the first skyscraper of Madrid making it a well known marker along the Madrid skyline. This building is no longer the tallest building on the continent but over time it has been through many renovations to make it what it is today.

Today, Telefonica is dedicated to spreading the knowledge of past and current technology. The company offers some temporary exhibitions as well as permanent ones. Their mixture of art and telecommunications makes for an interesting and diverse set of exhibitions for all!


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