Free* Visit to the Reina Sofía Museum

Free* Visit to the Reina Sofía Museum

Reina Sofia National Museum


Reina Sofia National Museum
Madrid, España


Jan 24 2024


3:00 pm




In Madrid are some of the most famous museums in the world. People travel from all over to see some of the exhibits that rest in Madrid. One of these museums is the Reina Sofia Museum. This museum is a must-see and so we are offering you a free tour! Join us as we see famous pieces by artists such as Picasso, Dali and Miro.


The building of the Reina Sofia Museum first began as a hospital. However, over time it became out-dated for its original needs. It wasn’t until 1986 though, that the building finally took the name as the Reina Sofia Museum. The first two floors of the old hospital were filled with temporary exhibitions for the public to see. Then, in 1992, the museum created its first permanent exhibition. This lead to it becoming an official and permanent museum. Today, the museum is filled with modern and contemporary art that is open to the public. It houses very famous artists and valuable pieces of art. The hopes to show the importance of art in our community and bring a variety of art to the public.


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