Free* Walking Tour: Royal Gardens + Lake

Free* Walking Tour: Royal Gardens + Lake

Royal Gradens


Jardines del Campo del Moro


Feb 29 2024


5:00 pm




The Campo del Moro Gardens and the Lake of Casa de Campo are undoubtedly some of the most spectacular places in the city and we want you to get to know them! Join us on this unforgettable visit to some of the most beautiful patches of nature in Madrid’s city center. 


This historic garden, built during the reign of Felipe II, is a secret gem of Madrid. Located next to Madrid Río, it’s open every day of the week and has an unparalleled view of the Royal Palace. Casa de Campo served as the historic hunting grounds of the royal family and remains a beautiful breath of fresh air in the city center.


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** This event is only for new students arriving to Madrid  for the spring semester.

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