Free* Visit to the Ghost Station (Metro Madrid)

Free* Visit to the Ghost Station (Metro Madrid)



Madrid, Spain


Apr 19 2024


1:00 pm


Ever wondered what lurks beneath the bustling streets of Madrid? Join us for a thrilling journey to the Estación Chamberí, the city’s oldest subway station and now a fascinating ghost station.


Chamberí’s story is one of forgotten passageways and vintage charm. Designed by the renowned architect Antonio Palacios, it proudly opened its doors in 1919 as one of the very first stations on Madrid’s original metro line. But fast forward to the 1960s, the need for longer trains forced its closure. However, Chamberí wasn’t destined to fade into obscurity. In 2008, it received a new lease on life, transforming into a captivating museum.

Led by an official museum guide, join us as we step back in time and explore a bygone era of Madrid’s underground world.


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