Free* Walking Tour: Madrid Downtown

Free* Walking Tour: Madrid Downtown

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Metro Ópera


Sep 21 2023


6:00 pm




Madrid is known for being a lively city, but many people don’t know the unique stories from its history. Want to learn some of these crazy myths? Come with us on a free walking tour of downtown Madrid and get to know the history of this magical city. 


In 1561, Madrid became the capital of Spain. King Philip II moved the capital from the booming city of Toledo to the then-smaller city of Madrid. As a result, Madrid’s population and economy flourished. Madrid became a major city in Spain and has been the capital ever since.

The architecture and monuments of Madrid were inspired and constructed by both Muslims and Christians. When King Alfonso I came into power, he ordered Muslim symbols to be removed, yet the Muslim influence can still be seen today to those who look closely.

Today, Madrid is a vibrant, dynamic hub of culture and art. The city often hosts festivals, concerts and other social activities. Come with us to explore the past, present and future of this magnificent capital city. 


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