Free* Walking Tour: Madrid City Lights

Free* Walking Tour: Madrid City Lights

City Lights


Plaza de Colón


Feb 24 2022


7:00 pm




Madrid is known for being a lively city filled with unique stories. Come with us on a free Walking Tour: Madrid City Lights and get to know a bit of the history of this city on a relaxing walking tour.


In 1606, Madrid became the capital of Spain. Philip II was the one who altered this, moving the capital from large-city of Toledo to the smaller city of Madrid. Due to this change, population and economy boomed. Madrid became a major city in Spain and has been the capital ever since.

The structures of Madrid take influence from both Muslims and Christians. However, when King Alfonso I came into power, he required Muslim symbols to be removed, causing a loss of Muslim culture for a period of time. Still, despite the removal of symbols, structural aspects were still from Muslim influence as Muslims were still helping build in Madrid. On our walking tour, you will be able to see the aspects of each downtown.

Today, Madrid is known for being a lively city. Locals celebrate and fill the town center for festivals, concerts and other social activities regularly. The people of Madrid are also very friendly and open to talking to anyone.


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