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FIFTH DAY: Moving around city!

Well, now we’ve already given you a lot of advices: you know how to find your way to home and an accomodation, and how to check the schedule of your classes.

Yes, but your next question will probably be: “How to use public transport in Madrid to get anywhere I want?”



Well, the most convenient way of getting around Madrid would be to take metro. In Madrid there are 12 lines with stops all around the city. When I first came to Madrid I was so fascineted by the metro: I come from a little city where there is no metro, so for me it was something of really news and surprising. Actually, the first time I decided to take the metro  because I was already late for a meeting with some friends. I was running, hoping that the train will come fast: after 15 minutes, I was where I was supposed to meet my friends. So, it was amazing. Of course, I didn’t have the Abono (the season ticket) and I had to pay 3€ for the round-trip. Few days after I made an appointment to make te metro card. It’s very cheap, expecially if you’re under 26 it costs 20€ (and 54€ for the urban area if you’re over 26).

How can I make the Abono?

First of all, you have to know that you can get your Metro Card without any appointements and queues in the Smart Insiders’ Office: all you need is the copy of your ID, a photo (ID size) and 5 €. You can come in our office during the opening hours and avoid all the waiting in the metro offices.

In any case, if you want to go to the metro office, here’s the link to make an appointement.

Can I use the Abono only for the metro?


The answer is no: you can also take all the ETM buses and all the trains of Cercanias (for the urban area).

What if I don’t need to take the metro or the bus everyday?

In this case, you should do the Tarjeta multi: it’s a rechargable ticket, which you can charge for how many trips you want.

But, if you prefer to move a little more, you can try the public bike, BiciMAD. With over 123 stations, BiciMAD is a great if you want to get around the city in a healthy way. It costs only 2€ for the first hour and 4€ for the second on. Here’s the link where you will find all the stations.

… And you can also use  private transport


As you will see, the city is full of private transportation opportunities, like taxies and something similar. They’re also very efficient and ready to take you everywhere you want.

It’s time to move!


So, we’re sure you have all the most useful informations, and you don’t have no more excuses: it’s time to go out, explore Madrid and make new friends!