FIRST DAY: Instructions for a quiet arrival2017-09-29T13:44:40+02:00

FIRST DAY: Instructions for a quiet arrival

It seems like yesterday when you submitted your application for departing to Madrid, and now you’re here at the airport and you don’t know how to go to your place/hotel. First of all, you have to know that Barajas airport is very big (1.000 m2 distributed in 4 terminals) and it’s 12 km away from the city center.

So, what can you do for getting out?


Express bus: We don’t suggest you to use the metro, because there isn’t a direct train arriving in the center. The cheapest way is the Express bus, it costs 5, it travels 24/h a day, 365 days a year, it stops at every terminal and arrives to Atocha station, very close to the city center. For more information, click here

Taxy: Speaking from my personal experience, when I arrived at the airport, I had a lot of heavy suitcases, so I took a taxy; maybe it’s expensive (around 30€), but it can take you wherever you want and you won’t have to think about anything else. Maybe you could find a person going in the same direction and share it! Ah, and you won’t have to make a call for it: it’s full of taxies right outside every terminal!

I just arrived in my place and I need to buy something. Where can I go?


Once you have your things arranged, you probably will be hungry or you will need something else.  I’ll share with you again my experience: I arrived on Sunday and the majorities of shops were closed. So, after a small lap during which I was thinking of getting rid for the heat, I found the Corte Inglés, which is open everyday from 10 am to 10 pm and there are a lot  of them in Madrid. I was very lucky, because I didn’t have anything to eat and I also forgot the shower gel! Obviously, there are plenty of other supermarkets, like Carrefour, and if you don’t want to cook on your first day, you will find several tapas restaurants and fast food around the city.

Now, after this exciting day, you will be very tired: you had to do a lot of things and, for sure, you would like to go to bed.

So, have a good night and… Hasta mañana!