Take a trip through Europe with our Eurotrip: France, Holland, Belgium & Germany trip!

See the cities of Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Paris, Bruges, Amsterdam, Ghent, Brussels, Cologne, Bayonne and a surprise city. This is a high pace and fun trip with 60 people, 9 cities, 1 surprise city, 4 countries and a lot of FUN!

Dare to Discover

With so many countries to see, you will never be bored. Smart Insiders is here to show you what the old continent has to offer: art, science history and culture.


Diverse landscapes and rich culture is found within France, a country so beautiful you don’t want to miss it! Here, explore the rich cities of Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Bayonne and Paris. First, see the beauty of Bordeaux. Drink wine at their famous vineyards or enjoy a walk on the port side. In La Rochelle, enjoy sailing on the water or bike-riding through the city. Bayonne is full of building off all the times with medieval streets and Gothic-Style buildings. And in France, see the monuments and attractions everyone has heard about. You will discover the city’s history and live among it.


The trip continues passing through Holland, the country of the tulips and wooden clogs, with picturesque stops in which you may enjoy fine cheese and great hospitality. The city of Amsterdam will charm you as you ride through on bike or eat at an outside cafe.


Next, travel to Belgium with us as we see Bruges, Brussels and Ghent . This lively city is full of all you could need. There is a rich culture of classical music, medieval buildings and castles. Watch it light up in the night with floodlights illuminating many of its buildings.  Then, Brussels is full of fun and exciting things to do. See this to learn more. Lastly, in Ghent you will see an urban and modern city full of people.


Ending in Germany, see Cologne. Enjoy a boat ride on the Rhine or walk inside a museum. Whatever you choose to do, we will be there to help with any questions

Finally, we will visit a surprise city that can be found in one of the countries that we will visit. Where will we go? Find out on our blog about the Eurotrip!

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26th of December – 4th of January


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* The price to pay is the established price of the date you realize the payment, not of the date when you register.


✓ Round trip transportation in private bus
✓ 1 night stay in a hotel in La Rochelle, France (double/triple rooms)
✓ 1 night stay in a hostel in Paris (multiple rooms of 4, 6 or 8)
✓ 1 night stay in a 4* hotel in Amsterdam (triple rooms)
✓ 1 night stay in a hostel in Utrecht (multiple room of 2, 4 or 6 beds)
✓ 1 night stay in a hotel in Cologne, Germany (double rooms)
✓ 1 night stay in a hostel in Bruges (multiple room of 4, 6 or 9 beds)
✓ 1 night stay in hostel in Paris (multiple room of 4, 6 or 8 beds)
✓ 3 breakfasts included
✓ Guided tour in Paris (Language: Spanish)
✓ Panoramic Tour of Paris (Language: Spanish)
✓ Guided tour in Brussels (Language: Spanish)
✓ Panoramic Tour of Brussels (Language: Spanish)
✓ Walking tour in Cologne (Language: Spanish)
✓ Guided tour in Amsterdam (Language: English)
✓ Visit to Bordeaux
✓ Visit to Bruges
✓ Visit to Bayonne
✓ Visit to Ghent
✓ Visit to a surprise city
✓ Experienced Smart Insiders representatives

Not included

✓ Everything not mentioned in “included”
✓ Optional tours and excursion
✓ Guided tour in Bordeaux
✓ Guided tour in Bruges
✓ Entrances to museums or monuments
✓ Optional activities
✓ Tourist taxes
✓ Personal administrative expenses (VISA or other expenses)
✓ Metro/taxi/bus tickets in the visited cities
✓ Tip for the driver (it is recommended)