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Experience the world of Flamenco dancing with us by watching a Flamenco Show with us. We know the best places for this dancing so see authentic Flamenco dancing at the best Tablao in Madrid. Now, the dancing is not what you may expect so prepare for a good surprise.

What is Flamenco Dancing?

Flamenco dancing is influenced by the Romantic Era and Spanish gypsies. It became was an exotic dance that people watched. Soon enough, this dance style gained more popularity with its flair and energy. Under the influence of gypsies, the performers of Flamenco dancing created their iconic costumes. Their costumes were ornate dresses, categorized by their vibrant combination of colors and ruffles to create a beautiful outfit. The dresses are paired with slick buns and other accessories to draw the eyes of the audience and dramatize their movements.

Over time, Flamenco dancing became a combination of dance and sound. Today, people strum their guitars while dancers stomp their feet and clap their hands to the beat.  The performers give off an energy like no other and make show you will always remember.

With such high energy and a welcoming atmosphere, you won’t want to miss this show. Come with us as we go to a Flamenco Show at the best places in Spain.

Flamenco is a huge part of Spanish culture. Keep up to date with other cultural events on our website.

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Coming soon!


✓ Flamenco Show
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Las Carboneras, Calle del Conde de Miranda, 1

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