It’s time to set off on a pilgrimage through Galicia! Together let’s explore the cities of Santiago de Compostela, Vigo and the Cies Islands.

Get to Know Galicia:

Formed around the year 820, Galicia is a historic area of Spain full of small villages. It sits among hills and is known for its pilgrimages. One of the most popular pilgrimages that visitors participate in is the Way of St. James. This route ends at the tomb of St. James in the north-western part of Spain. On our Galicia: Camino De Santiago & Islands Cies trip, you will be able to see the cities of Santiago de Compostela, Vigo and the Cies Islands.

Santiago de Compostela:

We begin our trip at Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia. This is a “big” city for the region and is made even more popular due to it being the end stop for the Way fo St. James. Together, we will walk part of the route of this very famous pilgrimage. This city is also full of culture with art and traditions. For more things to do here, check out this article.


Next, you will see the port city of Vigo. Not only is it a major fishing area for the region of Galicia but for Europe as a whole. The fishing industry is done among the Atlantic Ocean and many can come to enjoy delicious cuisine here. This city is also younger than other areas in the region. It is full of buildings with more modern attributes. However, you can see some historic spots such as the Medieval Chapel, Cases de Caridad, or the Church of Cristo de la Victoria.

The Cies Islands:

Last, see the Cies Islands. These are part of the Vigo area and so beautiful that Romans nick named it the “Islands of the Gods.”  Here, you can hike along the beaches or enjoy quiet time to relax on the beach. No matter what you do, you are sure to enjoy yourself on the islands.

We want to show you a version of Spain you couldn’t imagine so come along with us on our Galicia: Camino De Santiago, Vigo & Islands Cies event!

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