See a diverse landscape with us as we hike through Iceland! This country is nicknamed “the land of fire and ice” as it has active volcanoes as well as some of the largest glaciers in Europe. There is so much to see and do so be sure to sign up and explore Iceland with us!

Get To Know Iceland:

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Iceland has a very low population. It was the last country in Europe to be settled, and due to its isolation it is full of history and tradition. However, despite its low population and isolation from other countries, this area has a very high life expectancy and many natural ways of caring for nature. They are one of the cleanest areas as they take good care of their land and keep their water very clean. Iceland is actually a major leader in using renewable energy. When you see this country, you will be able to learn about its values and differences from other place.

As a visitor, you will want to see some popular spots in Iceland. One of the best sights are the northern lights. These are natural beams of light that you can see during the night. There are all kinda of colors and they dance and merge together to put on a spectacular and free show. You can also enjoy the many hot springs. These will be rejuvenating after long walks and busy days of exploring.

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So come with us as we explore Iceland! This trip is like no other with so many amazing landscapes and an interesting culture.

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