See País Vasco: Bilbao, Dragonstone, San Sebastián, where Spain’s beauty is revealed! We know many come to Spain with preconceived notions about the culture, but we are here to change that. There is so much more to Spain than these stereotypes. So, we are here to help you look past the cultural stereotypes with this fun event.

We want to show you a version of Spain you couldn’t imagine by taking you to the cities Bilbao, Dragonstone and San Sebastián. These less known cities are full of beauty and culture. Each place is sure to keep you feeling engaged as you find their hidden characteristics.

San Sebastián:

This city sits on the seaside, which allows you access to delicious seafood cuisine that is hard to pass up. After eating the classic food, there will be so many sights that you’ll be walking for hours. For more insight into the top places to visit in San Sebastián, check out this article.


In addition, we are going to visit San Juan de Gaztelugatxe or Dragonstone, a truly enchanted place that is worth visiting. The city is also one of the settings for the popular TV show Game of Thrones. Dragonstone makes you feel catapulted in the middle of the struggles and intrigues of Game of Thrones as you visit the places where your favorite characters once roamed.


This is a port city that sits near mountains, allowing you to see various forms of scenery. You will be able to have a water-front view as you walk among the port side while you also have the deep greenery of the mountains. Bilbao is a city full of culture where you will never be bored; You can see art at local museums or picture-worthy landscapes as you look among its nature.

So we have decided to offer you an incredibly unique opportunity to journey into the heart of the Basque Country. Come along on our País Vasco: San Sebastián, Dragonstone & Bilbao adventure.

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