Visit one of the historical centers of Madrid with us as we see Palacio de Cibeles. Like the eighteenth century fountain in front of it, the palace is an emblematic monument of the city. This magnificent structure sits waiting for you to explore it.

History of Palacio de Cibeles

Originally, this building was used for communication. It was the largest post office in the world, making it larger than Chicago’s post office. However, in 2007, Palacio de Cibeles was given a new function. Now, it is the seat of the Madrid City Council. With the change in function, the building underwent some changes. One alteration was that the original mail sorting office now serves as the council chamber.

What’s Inside:

Since the building used to be the largest post office in the world, it has a lot of space to fill. There are many attractions inside that you may not have expected from an old post office.

Rooftop Views: For a small fee, visitors can see one of the best views of Madrid. The Palacio de Cibeles offers a 360 view of the city that will take your breath away.

Celebration Lights: During celebrations, the building lights up with different colors. There is a range of occurrences that cause the lights to change including the color purple for International Women’s day and the colors of the Spanish flag for Constitution Day.

Cibeles de Cine: Inside the Crystal Gallery, a variety of films are shown to the public. People can pay to sit inside and watch popular movies from the year.

We can’t wait to tour the great Palacio de Cibeles! The building is beautiful inside and out. Many come to see what the inside rooms hold and to go to the events offered there.

Please note that there are limited spots for this event, so act fast to get a spot! Make sure you fill out the form, and then a few days before the tour a confirmation email that you got a spot will be sent.

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Date & Time

– Tuesday, September 7th



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