Come discover Portugal on our Portugal: Lisbon & Porto trip. Together we will see the amazing cities of Lisbon and Porto as well as Sintra and Nazaré.

Cities worth Discovering:


One of the cities we will see is Lisbon. Lisbon is a well-known city in Portugal especially since it is the capital city. We will walk along the colorful streets to see the art and culture of the area. More so, there will be glorious beaches to lounge on and busy places to enjoy drinks and food on.


Then we will also see the city or Porto. This city is known for its port wine and brilliant architecture. The streets are intricate, leading you to hidden areas and top spots of interest. The city is on a coast so you can enjoy the water as well.


Sintra is located high in the foothills of mountains near the Portuguese Rivera. Just like Lisbon, the city is steeped in history and offers some of the most gorgeous natural and architectural sites in the country. Here, history, archaeology, architecture and natural beauty create a compelling and enduring area that has many visitors.


This beach side city is perfect for anyone wanting to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather of Portugal. The city will be full of those also enjoying the beauty of Nazaré. Interact with locals and try seafood cuisine here for new experiences.

So together we will walk the streets of Portugal to see sights new to you. Put on your walking shoes and come explore with us!

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