SECOND DAY: I really need to find a place to live.2017-09-29T13:54:50+02:00

SECOND DAY: I really need to find a place.

As you will see, it’s not easy to find a place to stay in Madrid while all the students start looking for the accommodation at the same time. There are about 10 000 students coming to Madrid from all over the world and each of them is looking for a place to live. Anyway, don’t be scared, maybe your research will take some time, but with our help you’ll find the right place just for you.

What’s the best district for me?

First of all, here is some information that will help you to make the best decision regarding the location of your future home.

Moncloa or Arguelles: If  you want to live in the student district, you should choose Moncloa or Arguelles for sure, because here is where Complutense University is located.


Malasaña  or Chueca : If you’re a party animal, you have to look in Malasaña  or Chueca, but, on the contrary, if you’re a quiet type, look for a house in Chamberí district.

Huertas: Do you love reading, listening to music and all kinds of art? Huertas is the district ment for an artistic soul.

La Latina and Lavapiés: If you prefer a traditional area, La Latina and Lavapiés are the best solutions.

Retiro: Do you love nature, walking in the parks and being surrounded by the green areas? Retiro, called the lung of Madrid, is one of the biggest and most attractive parks of the city.

Sol: And, of course, if you really want to stay in the beating heart of the city, Sol is the right place for you.

Now, you’ll probably ask: “Yes, but how to find a place in the neighbourhood I prefer?”

We suggest you start your research at the Uniplaces website; it’s a secure agency,  which provides a lot of solutions and, if you have any doubts, you can always text their customer service to receive help as soon as possible.


We suggest you also take a look at some groups on Facebook, like this one:  Accommodation In Madrid 2017 / 2018, every day you can find a lot of new apartment ads. Idealista, is also a great solution, as new adverts are being added and updated every day.

Other useful tips…

When I started my research for a house in Madrid, I was still in my country. I checked a lot of places, sent a lot of emails and texted to many landlords, but no one replied to me, except for saying that the room wasn’t avaible. It’s like a rule, everyone crosses the stage before getting a house. One of the best advice I can give you is: when you’re going to text or send an email to a landlord, write in spanish. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the Spanish language, nowadays we have a lot of useful instruments on the web, like Google Translate and you will be able to translate in Spanish your own language. You will see that for a landlord is less complicated understand an imperfect Spanish than a perfect English and you’ll probably be able to arrange appointment for seeing the room even if you don’t speak Spanish.

Once the landlord replied

Don’t forget to ask  him questions similar to this ones:

  • Are the bills included in the rent?

  • Is the internet included in the rent?

  • Where is the apartment located (the exact address)?

  • From when is the apartment available?

  • When will you sign the contract?

  • Do you pay a deposit, is it repayable and if so when can you get it back?

So, follows these tips, keep calm… And start conquering Madrid!