Getting Legal

Every country has their own laws and regulations that are to be followed. However, when traveling it is hard to know and understand the foreign laws. This can lead to the need for legal assistance. Luckily, Smart Insiders is here to help! We have legal advisors that can help you in any situation you find yourself in.

Our team provides all incoming students with introductory information on legal issues in the country. Furthermore, we offer free legal assistance in legal areas such as landlord tenant issues, small claims, and much more.

Travel Documents to Remember to Avoid Legal Trouble:

When traveling make sure you have your necessary paperwork. There can be forms you must fill out depending on the duration of your stay, and not doing so could result in legal trouble. The two most important documents to think about when traveling are Visas and Health Insurance.

Travel Visas

A key document is your Visa and can be required to study abroad or live in a different area. Make sure to ask someone if you need a visa before leaving your home country. If no one you know is sure feel free to ask us!

Health Insurance

You never know what could happen when traveling abroad. If you are leaving your home country for a long time, it may be a good idea to invest in health insurance. Carry copies with you when traveling since you want to have them on hand in case of an emergency.

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