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Every country had their own laws and regulations that need to be followed. However, oftentimes foreign laws can be hard to understand and confusing especially when travelling.

Fear-not, Smart Insiders is here to help! We have legal advisors that can help you in any situation you may find yourself in.

Our team provides all incoming students with introductory information on legal issues in the country. Furthermore, we offer free legal assistance in legal areas such as landlord tenant issues, small claims, and much more.

If you wish to put the whole process in the hands of a lawyer specialised in immigration you can request a quote for each of the following services.

Student Visa (from home country)

Student visa for your stay in Madrid: Obtained from the Spanish consulate in your home country, enables you to travel.

All citizens from outside the EU, whose countries require an entry visa, must apply for a student visa before their arrival to Spain. This also applies to NON-EU CITIZENS residing in EU countries.

When travelling with this visa, once you enter Spain it is advisable to apply for a Foreigner’s Identity Card (TIE) in which the duration of the authorisation granted with the visa is stated. For this the fingerprints (toma de huella) are required.

Student Visa (in Spain)

Student authorisation for your stay in Madrid. This authorisation can be obtained from Spain, having entered as a tourist.

All NON-EU citizens, who entered to Spain with a turist visa, can decide during their first 60 days of stay, to apply for a study permit from Spain without having to return to their country of origin for a study visa. Once a favourable response to the authorisation (study visa) has been obtained, it’s necesarry to apply for the TIE.

If you have any problems with your visa application or authorisation, or would like to receive assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Renewal (Prórroga)

Renew your student authorization once you are in Madrid

When you finish your first year in Spain, you can continue in the country by extending your authorization and studying for a new year.
This is a crucial step to continue for another year and, if not done correctly, it can lead to an irregular situation in Spain.

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From Study to Work

Change your student status to a work status

If you have been studying in Spain for three years, and would like to work and continue living here, then you should know that Spanish law offers you the opportunity to change your student card for a work card, either by being hired by a person or company, or by setting up your own business as a self-employed person.

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Pareja de hecho, Familiar de comunitario

Common-law couple, family member

If you live in Spain and are in a relationship with a person whose nationality is from any country in the European Union, you have probably heard of the common-law couple. It means registering your status as a stable partner and would allow you to apply for a residence and work permit abroad which will last 5 years if the relationship is maintained.

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Residence permit: Arraigo social

After three years of continuous residence in Spain, if, because you have not been able to renew your permit, or because you have missed a deadline, or for any other reason, you have been left in an irregular situation without an authorisation of any kind in force, you can apply for a residence and work permit called arraigo social from Spain.

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