Transportation Card (Abono Metro Madrid)


Madrid Metro Card

Wondering how to get around the Community of Madrid? Smart Insiders is here to give tips on securing a Metro Card. Making sure that you have an Abono (30-day Metro Card) is important for you to safely and conveniently move around the city. We are here to make the process easier. If you come to our office we will happily help you with securing your card. Read below to see what options are available for you.

Check out our blog post, Abono Transporte Madrid: Call It Commutingto read more about what options are available to you.

Option 1

We know many students come to Madrid around August / September and January / February which is a very busy time at the metro offices. Because of this, it can make it hard to obtain an appointment for you to get your card. Leave all of the hassles of making an appointment to us. We’ll give you all the information about what you need for your appointment to make it fast, easy, and stress-free.

Option 2

We get your card for you!

The second option is that we will get your metro card for you. You will need to apply for your metro card online and have it sent to our office. Once it’s ready you can pick it up, but keep in mind the process takes about ten days. We recommend applying for it before you travel to Spain so it will be ready by the time you arrive.

Option 3

  1. Go to this website.
  2. Select “Quiero obtener una Tarjeta Transporte Público” and click “Aceptar”.
  3. Select your age range and click “Aceptar”.
  4. Choose the type of identification (select Passport or DNI no español) and fill in the information.
  5. A window will appear below to order the transportation card online. Click on “Iniciar solicitud online”
  6. Fill out the form:
    • If you still don’t have a spanish phone number, you can put Smart Insiders number: 604 131 677
    • If you don’t have a spanish address you can send the card to this address and we will let you know once it has arrived: Calle de la Princesa 2, planta 7, Oficina 3 28008 Madrid
    • On the same page mark “Primera solicitud nueva Tarjeta” and click “Siguiente”
  7. On the next page you will be asked to upload a passport sized photo in color and also a scanned copy of the passport or ID.
  8. After uploading the pictures you have to accept the Terms & Conditions and click “Siguiente.

The final step is paying a fee of 4€ to the Consorcio de Transporte for issuing your transportation card.

Once your request has been processed by the Consorcio de Transporte, your metro card will be sent to the indicated shipping address within 10 days.

IIMPORTANT: If you send your card to our address, please let us know on our whatsapp. 

Want more information about settling into Madrid? Check out our blog for more information that could be useful to you during your transition. If you have more questions feel free to contact us!

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