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SEVENTH DAY: Just relax!

Yesterday you were probably up  till late hours. You went to some clubs or pubs to have fun  and that’s the reason why you would like to relax today and you can do it by visiting some of the most  impressive museums or parks in the city.


In Madrid there are a lot of beautiful museums; the most important place is called triangulo de arte y de oro and it consists of Prado Museum, Reina Sofia and Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.

  1. Prado Museum is probably the most famous in Madrid: founded in 1819, it contains well known paintings of Velazquez and Goya.
    We also organize some free visits to Prado, so don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy us!

  2. Reina Sofia was founded in 1922 and it’s the house of modern and contemporary art, where you can find paintings of Picasso, Mirò and Gris. We organize visits also to Reina Sofia, check out our calendar!

  3. Thyssen-Bornemisza was founded in 1993 and all the works were part of a private collection of the baron Thyssen-Bornemisza. Here you will find over 800 paintings from Italian Renaissance to the modern era.

Another amazing place to visit is Palacio Real. Built in 1734, was designed by two famous painters: Giambattista Tiepolo and Antonio Rafael Mengs. In addition to paintings and works, you will find also the famous collection of musical instrument called Stradivarius. Check out our free visit there!


The most famous park in Madrid is Retiro Park. Retiro has a surface of 125.000 hectares  of the beautiful gardens, here you will be able to visit also the Crystal Palace.

If you want to enjoy a beautiful sunset, go to Templo de Debod. The construction was built around the II century b.c. and it’s a gift from Egypt to Spain.

 These two are just the most famous parks. But there are some others green areas  that you can visit, like Sabatini Gardens, in front of Palacio Real, Madrid Río, called like that because you can find Manzanares river there, the Royal Botanist Garden and Casa de Campo,  the biggest park in Madrid.

So, what you would like to do?

Here you have a lot of solutions and you just have to choose what kind of activity you prefer during your relaxation day!