SIXTH DAY: Time for having fun!2017-10-04T15:20:35+02:00

SIXTH DAY: Time for having fun!

Finally the week comes to end and you have some free time for having fun and relaxing before the beginning of classes.

But I’m alone!

Don’t be scared if you don’t have meet anyone already; you have to know that every year Madrid is full of new international people and most of them come to this city all alone. During my first weekend in Madrid, I was totally alone, but it was Friday and I really didn’t want to stay at home. That’s why I decided to go to one of Smart Insiders’ events, a picnic, for meeting new friends: I really had fun and, on saturady, I went out with some people met during it.

As you can see, there are a lot of people in your same situation, so it’s normal going out alone for the first time, but for the next time, I can guarantee, you won’t have any problems with finding yourself a company.

So what would you like to do?

First of all you have to know that Smart Insiders organizes events for international people all year round and if you really want to make new friends in the city there will be no better occasion for that! Madrid offers lots of leisure opportunities. You cannot be bored here!

Enjoin’ yourself

Every night you will find something else to do in the city. You can choose to party or to go practise a foreign language during the language exchange. But, to start a perfect night in Madrid, there is no better option than going for a drink to a Spanish bar. Madrid is very famous for its tinto de verano, sangria (wines) and cerveza (beer). There are a lot of places where you can try these typical drinks. All you need to do is to be in the right district at the right time. One of the districts with the biggest density of bars and pubs would be probably Sol. It is full of places perfect for relaxing, drinking and having a good time with your friends. Dinner in the bar might be only the beginning of a long night in the city! You need to know that a typical day of the Spanish persons is in general very different from the rest of Europeans. Nightlife in Madrid starts, more or less, from 2 am. Generally, when Spanish meet somewhere in the city they are used to go from one bar to another until the time is right to go to the club.


Where are these clubs?

The right answer is: everywhere. It’s up to you decide which district you prefer. The best party areas Malasaña  and Huertas: where you can find a lot of disco clubs with different musical genres. You will be able to stay up until the dawn. Moncloa is filled with students and young people. If you prefer something less serious than a party in a club just go to La Latina, a district famous for its countless bars and pubs, where you can also spend some wonderful time in a Spanish atmosphere.

So… now it’s your turn: nothing is keeping you at home and it’s time to go out and begin to live your experience!